The Personal
Loan Company

Whatever the reason is that you need a loan right now, The Personal Loan Company are here to help.

We won't try to pull the wool over your eyes.  We are transparent, forward thinking & technologically driven.

We want to make helping you finance your wedding; medical procedure; home extension; new car; holiday home; in fact ANYTHING, to be easy!


Car Loan

Whether you are looking for a new or used car, The Personal Loan Company could find a loan for you at a better rate than your car dealership...


wedding loan

Planning a wedding can be costly, however big or small, so a loan from The Personal Loan Company could help make it more affordable...


holiday Loan

Spreading the cost of a trip of a lifetime, a honeymoon or a special holiday with a personal loan could be a great way of making that dream become a reality...


cosmetic Loan

Cosmetic surgery (whether elective or essential) or extensive dental treatment can be expensive so let us see if we can help you...



 improvement Loan

A home improvement loan could be the best way for you to make upgrades to your home, without increasing your mortgage...


debt consolidation


Let us see if we can help you to manage your money better by consolidating all of your loans into one simple monthly repayment...